CGS1100 Microcomputer Applications - Spring 2014
Wednesday evenings 6:30pm - 9:15pm (ref# 180425)
Palm Beach State College

Instructor - Andrew Pond
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Class 1
(January 8, 2014)
Book chapter: Introduction to Technology
  • Purchase textbook bundled with SAM 2013 access key code.
  • Create a new SAM account and register for class section PONDA_180425_SP2014, using the "Institutional key" T2044581
    [Click for Instructions and help information]
  • SAM online task: "Intro to Tech - Skills Check 1" completed by January 21st. (5 attempts allowed - best score recorded.)

Textbook information:
The textbook is available through the college bookstore and is priced around $150, including the SAM product and access code.

You can also purchase the printed or digital copy directly from the publisher.

  • Hardcopy: Microsoft OFFICE 2013Introductory, by Vermaat, Misty E., CENGAGE Learning, ISBN-13: 9781285917498
  • Digital: Microsoft OFFICE 2013Introductory, by Vermaat, Misty E., CENGAGE Learning, ISBN 1285465520

Students can also get great deals on Microsoft software. Before you buy any software, I recommend you "Google" student discounts for that software. For Microsoft, visit

----------- Publisher Resources ---------------

Here is a link specifically for PBSC students to be able to purchase the book and SAM directly from the publisher.

Cengage Bundle for Palm Beach State College

From the e-mail I received....

[Your students can also purchase the stand alone Instant SAM 2013 code with the full MindTap reader eBook if they prefer not to purchase a physical text. They can also choose to purchase the discounted bundle with the text. Please feel free to forward this link and cover to your students so that they purchase the correct course materials. The bundle in the bookstore is actually $35 less than the stand alone Shelly Office 2013 text, so I would encourage you to have them purchase the bundle that includes the SAM access and a full eBook as well.]

Purchase book - class assignments and assessments will require the textbook and SAM. ISBN numbers are on syllabus.

DreamSpark - Program to obtain Microsoft Software at a discount or at times free. PBSC Guidelines EULA


2 (Jan 15)

1) Office 2013 and Windows 8: Essential Concepts and Skills

2) Office 365 Essentials

SAM online task: Training 1 - Essential Concepts and Skills Lab 2 (Saving Files in Folders)
3 (Jan 22) Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Document with a Picture (MS Word)

SAM online task: Word Training

SAM online task: Word Project 1a (available thru 1/29)

Create an online storage account. Microsoft offers SkyDrive; Google has iDrive; Apple iCloud; Amazon and others also offer this service. Google online or "cloud" storage. ALL of these offer FREE space - typically 2 to 8 Gigabytes for just signing up. My recommendation would be to go to Microsoft's site and create an 'outlook' e-mail address that will be your sign-on for a Skydrive account.

Student Data file for book projects are available online from



4 (Jan 29) Creating a Research Paper with References and Sources (MS Word) Complete project 1a and 1b for this chapter from the SAM assignments.  
5 (Feb 5) Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table (MS Word) Complete project 1a and 1b for this chapter from the SAM assignments.

Several students are encountering problems submitting Word Chapter 2 Project 1b. The tech people at CENGAGE are trying to resolve. I will make adjustments for this project.

We covered in class examples of setting tabs, margins and working with tables in Word.

Word Projects

6 (Feb 12) Creating and Editing a Presentation with Pictures (MS PowerPoint) Complete project 1a and 1b for this chapter from the SAM assignments. JavaScript Coding web page example
7 (Feb 19) Enhancing a Presentation with Pictures, Shapes, and WordArt (MS PowerPoint)    
8 (Feb 26) * Mid-term Assessment    
(Mar 5)
Spring Break
No class meeting
9 (Mar 12) Reusing a Presentation and Adding Media and Animation (MS PowerPoint)    
10 (Mar 19) Creating a Worksheet and a Chart (MS Excel)    
11 (Mar 26)

Formulas, Functions, and Formatting (MS Excel)


TED talk by Jinha Lee
Discussion topic
SAM Outlook Training
Excel textbook project
Review of available extra credit

12 (Apr 2) Managing Email Messages with Outlook    
13 (Apr 9) Working with Large Worksheets, Charting, and What-If Analysis    
14 (Apr 16) Databases and Database Objects: An Introduction (MS Access)    
15 (Apr 23) Querying a Database (MS Access) Study for Final  
16 (Apr 30) Final